Superior low-viscosity grade oil that uses a high quality synthetic base oil and the latest additive technology.
It offers the best fuel efficiency in the Toyota Genuine oil product lineup.

– Gasoline

– API : SN

– SAE : 5W-30

– Packs : 1L , 4L , 208 L Drum

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– Exceeds Toyota’s performance standards.
– Exceeds API standards with Grade: SN.
– Provides optimum performance for Toyota engines.
– Latest oil to meet API SN standard.
– Full synthetic formulation.
– Excellent cold start capability.
– Improved acceleration performance.
– Environment friendly.
– Great durability at high temperature corrosion and wear.
– Prolongs engine life by reducing wear, diapering sludge.
– Suitable for all weather conditions.
– Engineered to keep your engine in factory cond. at all times.
– Preserve full power and performance.

Density 15°C0.8492 g/cm3
Flash point228 °C
Flow degree-42.5 °C
Viscosity 40°C57.68 mm2/s
Viscosity 100°C10.27 mm2/s
Viscosity index168
CCS Viscosity --25°C3750 mpa .s
Oil oxidation ratio1.4 MgKOH/g
Interaction (HCIO4)6.81 MgKOH/g
Foam 24-93.5-24 °C00-10-00 ml
P-CA-Zn(0.08-0.19-944) % mass